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Welcome to our website where we are dedicated to share the trading knowledge we have gained over the last 10 years being in this industry full time. 


Throughout these years we have developed a high performing trading portfolio, that is save and consistent.

Als a bonus, we offer our trading masterclass completely for free.

If you are interested in participating or join forces, feel free to contact us.



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  • 5% return per month on average

  • 15% maximum draw down

  • Algorithmic trading

  • Predefined stop-losses on all positions

  • Maximum diversification in strategies, assets and time frames

  • Major and minor fiat currencies only + metals

  • No maringale or grid trading

As traders, we are risk managers first and foremost. NO DANGEROUS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES SUCH AS MARTINGALE, GRID OR DOLLAR COST AVERAGING (DCA) ARE USED. All strategies traded are pure price action based, 1 trade per set-up, with a fixed stop-loss and profit-target when a trade is triggered. Once it moves in our favour, the risk is reduced as soon a possible, enabling a very small drawdown to the account.

The portfolio is comprised out of 5 in house developed automated trading systems (algorithms), which are all feeding the master portfolio (this account). This master portfolio is relatively new but the underlaying strategies have traded with double/triple digit returns for years. The portfolio is aimed at diversifying risk as much as possible in terms of assets that are traded, time and market cycles. Only the 28 major + minor forex pairs and Gold are traded.

Trades are taken from the 15 minute, up to the daily time frame, where some systems are built to perform well in consolidating or ranging markets, while others shine during trending conditions. All of this to make sure no strategies overlap and we double down on risk, which is capped target at max 2% of the account balance per single trade (most systems run on max 1% risk per trade).



11  /   09   /   2012

This is the exact date our trading journey started. More than 10 years and 40.000 hours of experience have led to something amazing. And it still growing each and every day.


07   /   06   /   2016

After four years of non-stop learning and improving, we built our first quant system. Little did we know it would take four more years of utter dedication to perfect this first interation.


21   /   01   /   2020

Eight years into our journey the first system enters the live market on January the 21st. Is is able to generate a staggering average 32% return during the first 3 months after go-live.



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