We come from experience

After being in the trading industry for more than 7 years and having been trained multiple styles (support & resistance, price-action-patterns, mechanical, discretionary, with indicators, without indicators), I came to realize that combining all these strategies harvest the best results possible. Many trading courses will argue their strategies and methods to analyze the markets are the best. By doing so they ignore all other ways to look at the markets and more importantly they ignore the behaviors of other traders. Anticipating on what other traders are looking for is how we make money in the markets. Therefore we should include as many market-views as possible in our trading decisions without overcomplicating things. This could mean taking a trade with the trend at value, getting in early after a foreseen reversal area or profiting from the majority of traders getting it wrong and clusters of stop-loss orders are hit, skyrocketing price in the predominant trend direction (which is exactly what we anticipated). Our strategies take into account all types of traders and are build to prove themselves first before we take the entry. Thereby giving you confidence in your trading and eliminating one of the hardest emotions in this business: Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). The result a 80%+ strike rate and care-free trading.

Stellar Trading Lessons

Our Forex trading lessons are second to none and cover all aspects of trading. Since our strategies are as black and white as they get, we focus heavily on Trading Psychology and Building Confidence in our strategies by putting our member through a rigorous testing process.

Testing Your Trading Skills

No more learning online and dabbling with your real money in the markets. Once you've completed the lessons, we will put what you've learned to the test. We will not hand you over to a trading simulator, in stead we will test your knowledge in a quiz type of way, thereby training your subconscious mind super effectively.

A Team To Guide & Master

We have been where you are on your journey. We know what obstacles you are dealing with and how to overcome them. As successful traders we have a passion and drive to make you achieve great success in this business as well. We will be guiding you every step of the way. Not some vague person behind an email-box, but real people having close contact.





Ok, so lets get into the nitty-gritty of what it is, that makes this course so special. You might come from a completely different background, with no experience in trading at all and would like to find out what it is all about. Some of you might be semi-experienced traders looking for that last push over the 'break-even' dance threshold. No matter what you did previously, we can and will make you profitable in the FX market if you desire to be so. You can expect:

Clean Concise Charts

- Tradingview platform
- Multi-time frame analyses
- Major support & resistance
- Clean price action patterns
- Higher time frame trend indicators
- Lower time frame timing indicators

Four Stellar Strategies

- Trade in all market conditions
- Take into account mass psychology
- Proof of direction before entry
- 80% + strike rate
- 10% of trades hit 5% - 30% return
- Care-free trading

Stellar Journalling Software

- Treating trading as a business
- State-of-the-art Edgewonk software
- Weekly & monthly review cycles
- Easy to read trading results
- Rates ability to stick to trading plan
- Improves results dramatically

"I had been trading for 2 years before I came across FXCLUSIVE™ and my strike rate and risk/reward wasn't bad, but I was losing more than I won. I felt like my experience in the market made me unconsciously competent, however I always had trouble sticking to the strategies that I've been taught as they did not fit my personality and trading style. With FXCLUSIVE™ that all changed dramatically for the better. Within 3 months I am finally the trader I should have been from the beginning. My confidence has been increased tenfold and I am finally making money and breaking the threshold of consistency"

Brandon Johnson
FXCLUSIVE™ student


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