GBP/CHF | October 8, 2019 | -1%

October 8, 2019 GBPCHF short position. Realized loss: -1%
After a two month consolidation period back to the weekly trend-line and dynamic support and resistance, the trend continues by breaking out of the daily bear-flag and rejecting the the daily 50 EMA.


After the break-out with momentum all our strategy prerequisites and bespoke indicators were giving us the green light that this trend would now continue. The trade ticked off a clean 70% score on our ‘pre-flight’ checklist.


Nice trade that did not work out. This trade is part of our strategy guys and I would take it again tomorrow. Losing is part of trading. The outcome of each individual trade is to no importance to us. Random distribution and the law of large numbers in combination with our high strike rate and high risk/reward strategies, profit will take care of itself. We just manage the risk. On to the next one!

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