blog trade analysis Nov 13, 2019

The trades below are a selection but a fair representation of the trades that I have personally taken - and have been alerted to our Masterclass students. They demonstrate what is possible and what our entries and trade management looks like. 

As part of the subscription, paying member will be alerted on all possible trade entries at the beginning of the day, as well as live entries as soon as they unfold. With each alert comes a full plan on how to manage the live position.

During our weekly webinars we will discuss in great detail what opportunities the market has presented last week as well as plan ahead and be ready for the week to come.

All trades that suit one of our four strategies and that are taken by myself, will be explained in detail on this BLOG page so that you can see for yourself how often we trade and how we manage our open positions for either a win or a loss.

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