Type: Day trading
Time frame: M5, M15, M30, H1


Risk/Reward: up to 1:2
Strike rate: 72%
Risk: Max 15% Draw Down (historically)
Average trade length: 14 hours

06 /   01   /  2021

Welcome to the trading challenge of 2021. With our very best trading systems, we created a balanced portfolio that is able to generate massive results whilst keeping risk to a minimum.


Alongside our robust, diversified and low-risk portfolio, we have built a dedicated trading environment specifically designed to grow a small account quickly. We combined the very best of our automated trading systems in a single portfolio to ensure a save and steady grow. From more than 500 days of real forward testing and 18 years of backtesting with the highest possible data there is, we carefully crafted a portfolio that is able to grow 200% per annum with no more than 15% draw down at any given time.

We have started the first challenge of the year on January 11th 2021, of which you can track the live performance of the account below (be sure to click "Refresh" on the dashboard below every time you check the status). On this account we will not be subtracting any profits from our account for the purpose of showing how quickly an account can grow. On mobile: use your finger to zoom into and out of the FXBLUE dashboard or click HERE.


** update 1: December 1st 2021: start Challenge**