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5 Mins

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Welcome to my Masterclass.

In this lesson you will learn what the foreign exchange market is all about and how we are able to take advantage of the worlds biggest exchange.

Treat it like a business

Trading is like any serious business, you need data to evaluate its performance. In this course you will learn how to journal your trades, enter all trade-specific data into a the best Trading journalling software there is (Edgewonk) and see your results from various angles immediately.The software will tell exactly where you can improve and what these improvement would do to your P&L.

By the end of each week you'll be taught how to go through your trading stats, analyzing your trade entries, stop-loss placement and trade-management. All trade specific data will be logged against your trading plan and abnormalities will be flagged for you to look at and take action upon. The week will be closed with a written summary on what to take notice and improve on for the week ahead. This data will accumulate and be used for the high level closure of each and every month. Improving on your trading skill in a continuous cycle, but making it fun and easy, automating as much as we can using state-of-the-art journalling software.

In our 1-to-1's we will dig deep into your trading statistics. From my early days trading the live market I remember being shocked when reviewing my trades wondering what buffoon traded my account last week :) You will be surprised by what you can learn from yourself by simply reviewing your past trades. Literally amazed.

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