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Outline, objectives

and goal setting

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Course length

5 Mins

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Welcome to my Masterclass.

In this lesson you will learn what the foreign exchange market is all about and how we are able to take advantage of the worlds biggest exchange.

What to expect


The outline of this course is structured in such a way that even a person that is completely new to trading will be able to generate consistent result by the end of it. The course has meticulously been designed to deliver its impact when read and experienced chronologically. Even if you have some degree of experience in trading or FOREX in general, please do not skip over any chapters thinking you already know its content. I cannot stress this enough.


The objective is very clear. Make a consistently profitable trader out of each member that really puts its heart and soul into trading. Unlike many other courses out there, we have found a way to make sure this is almost inevitable when complying to the steps in this program. Beside teaching strategies that harvest a whopping a 80+% strike rate, our program is HEAVILY FOCUSSED on building confidence in the markets. This means we won't be throwing you into the deep end of the pool from the get-go, only for you to get confused, over-trade, lose money and most importantly(!!) loose the belief that you can make it to consistency. 

It is not about the big gains from the very start, this game evolves about knowing and trusting the probability model we are working with. In your first few months after completing the course I will be right at your side, guiding you while you only take the highest probability trades out there. This is incredibly important! I've experienced it first hand and seen it many times where new traders jump into the deep end way(!!) too fast. It is the single most contributing factor while 90% of new trades fail to ever achieve some kind of success in the markets. Trading is a profession (probably one of the hardest on the planet), not a quick rich quick method. And like with any other profession, you need to develop and craft that skill to perfection before ever risking a single dollar in the markets.

This course and community is designed to gradually guide you to become an all-round consistently profitable day-trader. With our proprietary setup rating mythology, you will be able to calculate exactly what the highest probability setups are. Maximizing your strike rate with quick 1:1 Risk-Reward trades, while tasting from a lesser strike-rate, but higher Risk-Reward type of management. A healthy mix of both while minimizing risk will mould you to become accustomed to both types setups and very successful indeed.

Our daily trade opportunity update will allow you look over my shoulders, see exactly what I see and how I break down possible trade entries complete with management plan (where do I exit for profit or for loss). Seeing me trade exactly what you've been taught, will help to train your mind and rely on our probability model. On Sundays we'll get together in our weekly webinar and go over the trades from last week as well as prepare ourselves for the week ahead. 


Did you know, that people who put their goals to paper and review them regularly have a 60% more chance to reach them, than people who do not? Many studies have proven this. The unconscious mind is the most powerful force in our brain. To put this in perspective; the conscious brain can process 40 bits of information per second, the unconscious brain is 500.000 faster and can (hold on to your panties) process a whopping 20 million bits of information per second. Also the difference in speed from what our conscious mind (100 - 150Mph) vs our unconscious mind (up to 100.000Mph!)  is able to process this information is mind blowing.

Therefore, this course is focussed incredibly heavy on (re)programming parts of the unconscious mind with the use of or conscious mind. Through exercises, repetition, tests, quizzes and real world affirmations (gains in the market), we shift our beliefs about money and self-worth and dissipate all limiting (self sabotaging) beliefs that unfortunately been ingrained into our minds from childhood.

Together will we write and review your long time goals and translate them into mid term objectives and short term actions. Completing these short term daily actions will ensure you are well on your way to achieving your highest goals.

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