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My name is Sebastian Blancke, I am 45 years of age and live in the Netherlands. I want to start off by letting you know that I have written this course with a very strong feeling of commitment, joy and conviction. I want to help you achieve not just success in the markets, but in life in general. Besides the purely trading related lessons, this course will touch upon many aspects of life, beliefs and behaviors that you will need hone into and change in order to become a successful trader.  You will need to dig deep into you subconscious mind and reprogram things that you have been taught or believed to be true, but are actually holding you back. It will be uncomfortable at times but it is critical to ensure your succes in the markets.

Ok, let me tell you something about my background and where I come from. In The Netherlands I live in a city called Abcoude together with my girlfriend Naomi and stepdaughter Luna. I've been self employed for pretty much all my adult life and I started my first business when I was 15 years old. 

I've always been a massive petrol head and have been rebuilding cars, chassis and engines from the age of 20. Mainly Porsche's. After my IT adventure came to an end, I took the opportunity to start a company that buys and sells exclusive sports cars, which I did for 4 years. It was great fun, I bought, drove and sold the most amazing cars you can think of but in the end I did not enjoy being in the same spot each day, every day. Also all the other stuff that comes along with having a car company - and really has nothing to do with cars - was something I did not enjoy. So I closed shop.

During this time I though to myself, I need to find some kind of income that does not require me to manage people or require me to be anywhere specific. And that's when I came across my first FX trading course. For years I was trying to break the threshold of consistency (and boy did I try), taking several courses along the way. I learned about support & resistance trading, price-action oriented trading, reversal and continuation strategies and to top it off I also traded mid-cap stocks on the US market for about two years as well.

Like I said, I like to build. Discover new possibilities where no-one else is looking. With every course I took, the creator of that course would see their way of approaching the markets as the holy grail. Still it did not work for me. Too many grey areas and too two-dimensional. There is no one single way to approach the market that yields the best result in my opinion. It is a symbioses of many different strategies; that when they converge and come together makes for the highest probability trades to occur.

The markets can only move for two specific reasons:

  1. The majority of traders are seeing the exact same thing and take the exact same trade roughly at the same time. Hence, price moves in that direction. Or..
  2. The majority of traders have taken a position in a certain direction, only for the market to reverse (and take out their stop-loss orders) and go the other way. 

With FXCLUSIVE™ we join both teams and profit no matter in what direction the market decides to go. And the best thing about it is, we first let the market show its hand before we enter a trade. So no more anticipating a move. No, we see the opportunity, let the market confirm the direction and then ride the move as far as it takes us with smart and carefree trade management techniques.


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