RESULTS 2010 - 2021




04 /   05   /   2021

Type: Day trading
Time frame: 5-minute, 30-minute, 1-hour

Instruments:  EURUSD, EURCHF

Risk/Reward: up to 1:1
Strike rate: 80%
Risk: Max 0,4% per trade
Average trade length: 3 hours


The algorithm measures the volatility after the break of intraday price action structures in alignment with the higher time frame overall trend direction. 

As this systems is pure price action based with a fixed SL and TP for every trade it takes. Therefore it qualifies to be injected into our main and low-risk 'Balanced Multistrat' portfolio. It finds opportunities where the existing algorithms cannot, therefore diversifying risk. This of course has been tested using the Monte Carlo correlation tracker.

From historical results the algorithm has a 80% strike rate which is extremely high. It trades during all sessions and is able to predict price changes at a staggering. 

On average the algorithm adds 2-5% profit monthly to the portfolio. Is is a very relaxed and long slow moving trading system that plays into the robustness of the overall trading portfolio.


Below you'll find the results of the account that is traded by this algorithm. The system takes about 1 trade per day and the average trade duration is 8 hours. The maximum drawdown from backtesting is about 6% on these very risk-aversive settings.

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