RESULTS 2020 - 2021





21 /   01   /   2020

Type: Day trading + Swing trading
Time frame: M15, H1, H4, Day

Instruments:  28 Major & Minor FX pairs

Risk/Reward: up to 1:30
Strike rate: 70%
Risk: Max 1% per trade
Average trade length: 12 hours

Details: All of our 5 autonomous trading systems and our manually traded account feed into this overarching Master account which is then copied to our own personal account as well as all client accounts.


The individual algorithmic accounts are demo accounts as they a behave completely the same to all our our real live so called slave accounts, including prices, spread, swap and commissions. Therefore the Master account is the last demo account to which all trades are copied onto the live environment.


Below you'll find the results of the Master account. Is has been trading since January 21st 2020. Initially with just one algorithm with 6 times the risk exposure compared to our current multi-strategy and multi-algorithmic environment. During 2020 we have build an extremely robust and diversified portfolio.

The FXBLUE dashboard is best viewed on desktop, for mobile click HERE for a better viewing experience. Be sure to click "Refresh" in the left top corner of the dashboard each time you checks its status.


Through our broker you can copy our portfolio. This means that every trade taken in our account will be taken in yours.

This way your account is an exact copy of ours. The risk is pro-rato, meaning the risk in your account is equal to the risk in ours by comparing the account balance in both and adjusting the position size accordingly.

The rules of engagement are:

  1. You open up a trading account with our broker (we'll show you how)

  2. You deposit at least 2.500 Euros

  3. You agree with a monthly performance fee of 30% high watermark (only over profits)

  4. The 30% is automatically subtracted from your account after each month has ended

  5. You can end your subscription at any time

  6. No refunds

If this sound acceptable and you understand the risks involved (your account balance is susceptibel to fluctuations), then please fill out our information request form by clicking HERE.