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Latest addition to the family

Bijgewerkt op: 21 jan. 2021

Say 'Hi' to the latest completely autonomous system that is now part of our trading portfolio. With the introduction of EA-FX-05 AQ-Math the exposure of the existing 4 systems have been reduced accordingly.

The algorithm uses a complex series of price action pattern recognitions systems and a statistical probability model for each of the four currency pairs that it trades. It pure math at work, hence it name.

What went before

“After months of backtesting, optimizing and forward testing, the system has passed all tests with flying colors and has been assigned to the portfolio at the lowest possible risk.”

As this systems is pure price action based with a fixed SL and TP for every trade it takes. Therefore it qualifies to be injected into our main and low-risk 'Balanced Multistrat' portfolio. It finds opportunities where the existing algorithms cannot, therefore diversifying risk. This of course has been tested using the Monte Carlo correlation tracker.

High Strike Rate

From historical results the algorithm has a 90% strike rate which is extremely high. It mainly trades during the London en New York session and is able to predict price changes at a staggering accuracy #algotrading #forex #eafx05. As part of the strategy, the algorithm uses certain retracement levels to enter at value. It uses a total of five levels which in rare cases can all be activated if necessary.

Get Inspired

Want to see the algorithm in action live? Be sure to check it out on our portfolio detail page by clicking HERE.

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