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The BIG €100 to €100.000 challenge

Bijgewerkt op: 25 jan. 2021

Welcome to the biggest trading challenge of 2021. We have carefully crafted a series of trading system that is able to generate massive results.

Alongside our robust and low-risk portfolio, we have build a dedicated trading environment specifically designed to grow a small account quickly. This system is high in risk initially, but migrates to more conservative trading strategies as the account grows. From extensive backtesting results it can take up to 5 tries to grow the account from €100 to €1000 before it blows up. But once the account has reached the 1K mark, additional lower risk systems are added to the pool and exposure is reduced on the high risk systems.

“As the account grows we transition from high risk systems to lower risk portfolio solutions, locking in profit along the way.”

To be able to grow the account this quick, basically doubling the account every 3-4 weeks, we use a combination of pure price action trading and soft martingale- and hedging systems. Initially the risk is high compared to the available margin, but as the systems complete profitable cycles and the account grows, the risk is decreased. Every time the account multiplies by a factor of x10, the existing systems are reduced in risk or are exchanged for lower risk / reward systems. This way we ensure we lock in profits as much as possible.

Withdraw profits and Invest

Once the account reaches 10K, a new phase kicks in. On this level the portfolio is able to double the account every 4-5 weeks, reaching 20K quickly (#trading #dream #microchallenge). As soon as the account reaches 20K, we withdraw 10K where 5K is available to use personally as you like and the other 5K automatically feeds into a trading account that is only traded by our robust low risk portfolio. This way you can enjoy the profits that were realized and simultaniously built wealth savely.

Visit our page where you can track the real time results here => GO TO PAGE.

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