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PTC Indicator


Power Trend Continuation

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Welcome to my Masterclass.

In this lesson you will learn what the foreign exchange market is all about and how we are able to take advantage of the worlds biggest exchange.

The Tradingview Power Trend Continuation (PTC) indicator

The FXCLUSIVE™ Power Trend Continuation (PTC) indicator is a powerful tool. By using a variety of bespoke indicators and calculations, it is able to select the very best entries in a strong trend. 


The entry is triggered when price hits the 12 EMA whilst meeting all the trending and entry criteria. The stop-loss should be placed exactly on the 50 EMA when the entry occurs.

This indicator is not lagging nor does it repaint. 


The PTC indicator is part of indicators and export advisors for both Tradingview (Pine) and MT4 (although the PTC indicator can be used stand alone as well):

  1. The PTC indicator will show you exactly where to enter a position (works on all time frames and all assets (FX, Stocks, Crypto, etc)

  2. The PTC dashboard will take care of the entire execution and management process for you 

  3. The Divergence indicator and dashboard will tell you exactly where high probability reversal zones are located to either scale down a position or look for trend reversals

All the indicators mentioned above are sold through our website separately or as a package which includes the detailed strategy as well as an entire trading course as well.

Send me an email on: to get access to this PTC indicator.


After our higher time frame entry criteria have been met, we enable our PTC-Dashboard to take the lower time frame PTC entries. The PTC indicator has been programmed for both Tradingview (pine script) and MetaTrader 4 (MT4).

Below a setup that we present on AUDJPY on the 19th of August 2021.

The setup came from the H4/H1 time frame and the entries were taken on the M1/M5/M15 time frame.

Below you can see all the entries generated by the PTC indicator on the 1 minute chart.


The PTC entries are shown on the chart by a red arrow above price for a sell position and a blue arrow below price for a buy entry.


As you can see just the first entry generates over 17% of profit.


During the validity of the setup, five M1 setups would have been taken.

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In total a staggering 36% profit would have been made in just 3 hours time.

This is the raw power of the Power Trend Continuation strategy. The indicator and the dashboard are integral part of the strategy.


The monthly rental fee for all three indicators and Dashbaord EA is $79 per month.

Contact me on: for more information.

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